Saturday 13th April 2019

5 games on Saturday which should show the men between the boys.

Geelong v GWS

What is set to be the best game of the round is first up for a Satuday, who knows why! Geelong are off to a flyer start in 2019 and are undefeated as of yet. GWS are young and full of talent. Can Geelong continue the winning streak at home and get 4 wins on the board?

Essendon v Lions

What was supposed to be a bottom 4 clash has turned to be the complete opposite. Can Essendon finally beat the Lions winning streak? Or can the Lions continue their excellent run?

Port v Tigers

Tigers have had a massive amount of injuries and recently disqualifications. Can Port Power Capitalize on this and get an easy win at home? Port have many question marks over their head with this game. Lose it against a lackluster Tiger’s side and they will be mince meat.

North Melbourne v Adelaide Crows

This would surely be Crows easiest game so far this year. If they can’t pull it together between the likes of Rory Sloane, Tex Walker, Jenkins and Lynch then they are no chance of making the final 8. If the Crows lose this one, I am putting money on them to miss the 8.

West Coast v Fremantle Dockers

What a clash! The Western Derby. Unfortunately, this won’t be one to go into the record books as the West Coast Eagles are way too dominant for this game. They should win out easy runners today.

Betting Tips:

Caleb’s: Brisbane Win $2.10

Toby’s: Crows -4.5 $1.90

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